Rua and Sons in Print

Sometimes our projects garner extra attention

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Metal Construction News - Jackson Casino

“Rua and Son Mechanical Inc. installed Advanced Architectural Products LLC's SMARTci insulation system With 3-inch GreenGirt Simple Z attachment members. GreenGirts helped create thermal breaks at Z-girt connections to the walls. In between the girts, Rua and Son Mechanical installed Roxul Inc's 3-inch-thick Cavityrock insulation…”

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Roofing - Ilhan Esher Residence

Rua and Son Mechanical “has made a name for itself by excelling on high-end, intricate and cutting-edge metal projects that transcend typical warehouse applications. ‘We’ve found that when we go outside the box and take on the real difficult projects, the ones that are a little bit intimidating for other companies, that’s where we excel…’”

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Retrofit - Beale AFB Gold Club Building

“Rua and Son Mechanical took a little extra care With the installation of the 238T Plank and Pencil Rib standing—seam metal roof to solve ongoing leaks at the clubhouse. “We installed a system with better lapping and counter flashing,” explains Louie Rua, president of Rua and Son Mechanical. "At the transition, we installed a l/Z—inch aluminum welded saddle….”

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Metal Roofing Magazine - San Jose High School

“The new 13,000 square foot building showcases an open, industrial character that encourages exploration, collaboration and risk taking. The building’s organization is dominated by the three-story cylindrical exhibition lobby, which connects the five classrooms and one engineering lab on two levels and opens a series of doors to a small courtyard, allowing exhibitions and activities to flow outdoors.”