Ilhan Eser and Kamer Tezcan – Residence

Custom Home – Net Zero –  Aluminum corrugated panels over Kingspan insulated Karrier panels.

Be sure to read the project description and review letter from the homeowners below the image gallery for more details about this project.

Over one and a half years ago, when my wife Kamer and I decided to build our own “dream house” we knew “almost” exactly what we wanted.

We wanted to build a self-sustainable, Leed certifiable, net zero house, powered by solar, heated and cooled by geothermal system, gray water utilized for irrigation, highly insulated walls and roofs (r value 40) , over 75% of material are recyclable, which is mostly metal framing, roofing and siding.

There was one problem though, to achieve all these targets, houses don’t look very pretty at the end, or the general perception is metal? On a house? Ugly!

So we decided to make sure to make a bold statement how it will look. Inside and outside all contemporary which will make people turn their heads.

First, we have made the roof for the great room butterfly and we also chose Morin/Kingspan Karrier Panel system, aluminum siding, painted with Valspar’s one of the most new technological paint system, with 30 years warranty; “Kameleon-Dusty Rose” color. It is a color, or more precisely multicolor paint that changes from green to yellow, silver, bronze, dark brown, depending what angle you look and what time of the day and the angle sun hits the surface of the panels.

Now the most important part came; who is going to install these panels? Being in the industry 30 years, I knew and worked with a lot of installers. I know firsthand they can make the building look beautiful or they can really ruin the whole thing. So we had to choose a company, who understands the “architectural look concept” not only industrial or commercial. They have to have experience working with the metal like a carpenter, or as craftsmen. After reviewing a few companies, we chose “Rua & Sons” knowing that they are the most qualified installer for these types of applications. As of today, I can testify, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I already knew they were qualified to do the job but I didn’t know how much they were flexible, dedicated, hardworking, reasonable people with great attitude we have dealt with. Louie Rua, Fernando and all of the crew became friends of ours as you can imagine during the most stressful time. They really made it easy on us and we all had fun.

As far as making a bold statement; our house is not on your way to somewhere, you have to deliberately get there. Every day, dozens of dozens cars by pass, slow down or stop in front of the house. I guess we made a statement!
Without a shred of doubt, I can highly recommend “Rua & Sons” company for all your needs, for their expertise and easy to deal with attitude.

Ilhan Eser CEO Morin/Kingspan companies
Kamer Tezcan MD. Kaiser Permanente